Candy’s Heart Exam, BP, Stething, 12 Lead ECG

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Candy’s Heart Exam, BP, Stething, 12 Lead ECG

Post by alexpwm » Sat Aug 19, 2017 1:32 am

Candy’s Heart Exam, BP, Stething, 12 Lead ECG
Candy is at the Doctor’s office for a heart exam. Her girlfriend Jade is with her. She sits to the exam table and the Doctor and her assistant do the following exams on her:

- Check BP
- Lung auscultation (stething) sitting position, chest and back
- Heart auscultation (stething) sitting position
- Heart auscultation (stething) laying poition
- Heart auscultation (stething) mytral valve, laying on her side
- Heart palpation
- Abdomen palpation
- Rest ECG. 12 lead

When all exams are completed, she can dresses to leave. A very detailed heart exam clip on a pretty patient. A must see clip for all heart exam fans, steth fans and ECG fans !


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