General Rules and Guidelines

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General Rules and Guidelines

Post by mtmfan » Sun Dec 20, 2015 9:07 am

The following rules and guidelines pertain to the safe operation of this forum. Any questions about the rules can be addressed in the General discussion forum.

Global Rules:

1. Spam posts of any kind are not allowed in any forum. This includes posting the same post in multiple threads or forums.

2. Flaming other users in any way is not allowed in any forum. It is disrespectful and will not be tolerated.

3. Underage content of any kind is forbidden in all forums. Violation of this rule will result in an immediate ban, and a warning. See the Penalty section below for details.

4. Irrelevant posts to the topic at hand are not advised. While this is a minor rule, posts that don't contribute to the topic in question just clog up the thread. Violation of this rule will likely result in your post being deleted in the thread. Moderators and administrators, please use common sense when enforcing this rule.

5. Threads have an automatic bump threshold of 5 days. You cannot post to the same thread twice in less than 5 days if someone else hasn't replied to the thread. After the 5 day limit, you can post to that thread if the topic is relevant.

6. Be advised that attachment limits in threads are limited to 5 attachments per post with a total of 10MB per file. It is advised you don't upload 10MB files as the resulting bandwidth might force me to lower the limit. PM attachment limit is only 1.

7. Posting to a thread that has been inactive for more than 4 months is not allowed. Anyone who posts to a thread that's older than 4 months will have said thread locked, and will follow the penalty rules below.

8. We do not encourage, endorse, or support the free sharing or trading of paid videos or images produced by any company that requires payment to see such videos. This includes Digital02, Opander, any store on clips4sale, etc. We fully understand and respect that these companies need our monetary support to continue producing content for us as they have been for many years. As such, any mentions of wanting to freely share or trade said content is strictly forbidden on this site.

9. It is forbidden to post any images of any capacity made by Andersvg. This former user attempted to post his twisted fetish material on this site before and as a result, was banned due to offending a lot of users. It is unfortunate he refused to modify his work to satisfy our fetish. Any user who attempts to post his material on this forum will be governed by the three strike policy below.

10. As this site is a resus fetish site, and not a REAL resus site, it is forbidden to post images of people in real life situations involving resus. These images can and usually are morbid, and it is the wish of the admin, mtmfan, that users refrain from posting such images on this site. Unless users start getting mad at that rule in which case mtmfan might consider easing the restriction a bit.

Forum specific rules:

1. The Stories forum is now moderated. Any time you post a story, and any replies you post, must be first approved by a moderator or administrator before they can be viewed. It is not advised nor necessary to post the same thing twice. If a story you post is not approved, the moderator or administrator will pm you informing you why your story was not approved.

2. If you attempt to post a story that is offensive or abusive in nature will not be approved and you will be warned against attempting to post such content in the future. The pictures, videos, and web links forums also fall under this rule.

3. Stories containing depictions of violence or extreme horror will not be approved. Please use caution if you choose to write a story in the horror genre. This rule is not banning the horror genre completely, but it is advised to use caution when writing a horror story. An example of what not to do in a horror story is continuous torture or extremely dark tones. An example of a good horror story would involve someone getting lost or using the environment to scare the reader. That is a good example of a horror story.

Refusal to abide by these rules will result in a 3 strike penalty system outlined below:

Strike 1: Said user will receive a warning from a moderator or administrator with a pm outlining what rule they violated and are advised to use caution when posting in the future.

Strike 2: Said user will receive a second warning and a 7 day ban. A pm and an email will be sent to said user advising them of their situation in the forum and any more violations will result in permanent ban of the user.

Strike 3: Said user will be permanently banned by username and IP.

If you feel you were wrongly banned or warned, pm one of the administrators. We will investigate your situation and take action accordingly.

Questions or concerns regarding any of these rules can be addressed in the general discussion forum only.

Thank you and happy posting.

thetraumadb Admin


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